One of the primary keys to success for the department is the standard of excellence achieved by our department’s faculty and staff. Each individual faculty and staff member at BMI has made significant contributions which are vital components in achieving the department’s vision for the future.


BMI supports ASU’s continuing commitment to building a culturally diverse intellectual community and advancing scholars from underrepresented groups in higher education. The department is committed to creating a research and learning environment that promotes inclusion, respect, community and appreciation.

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Research Projects

BMI faculty are involved in several research projects which address issues related to diversity and support people of different origins, orientations and abilities. Some projects which contain a focus on diversity include

  • Pathway/SNP
    GWAS tools to enable biomedical researchers to identify genetic and environmental factors associated with disease; including Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Age-Related Macular Degeneration, among others.
  • RxExplorer
    A tool to identify novel drug targets and better understand biological basis of adverse drug events utilizing biological, clinical and public health data.
  • Team Approach to Translate Novel Biomarkers for Diabetes
    Concurrent with the need for better treatments, there is a recognized need to produce sets of improved biomarkers able to better assess efficacy, sub-type populations, and to longitudinally monitor disease progression and response to treatment. On this project, the team will create a highly integrated, multidisciplinary research team specifically assembled to discover, validate and translate novel biomarkers for diabetes (and its complications) into improved commercial diagnostics.

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